1 Artwork to be submitted
1.1 Exhibitors are recommended to submit up to three pieces for hanging. More will be hung if there is room but this cannot be guaranteed. Pieces will be hung at the discretion of the Festival Society. Priority will be given to pieces which are for sale, pieces which have not been submitted in previous years and those which fit in with the exhibition as a whole.
1.2 Pieces submitted should be original artwork using artistic media or limited edition prints of original artwork. Works of pure photography will be considered if there is room.
1.3 Exhibitors submitting pieces for hanging may be able to submit other pieces such as unframed/mounted pieces, cards, prints, items of pottery/sculpture etc. As space is limited these will be displayed at the discretion of the Festival Committee. Exhibitors wishing to sell a large number of such pieces will be advised to purchase a stall for the street market.
1.4 Pieces should be prepared as follows before submission otherwise they will not be considered for hanging:
i) Pieces should be strung across the back with wire/string (ie NOT hooks) and framed. Pieces on a firm surface (eg canvas, wood) need not be framed.
ii) All pieces should have a label firmly stuck on the back showing the following details written clearly in BLOCK CAPITALS or typed:

a) Artist name and contact number
b) Title of work
c) Medium (eg watercolour, acrylic)
d) Price (or not-for-sale)
iii) With the exception of one piece to be submitted by one artist selected beforehand by invitation of the Festival Society, pieces submitted for hanging should be no greater than no greater than 750 x 500mm (30 x 20 inches) (size includes frame). The Festival Society will only consider hanging larger pieces if there is room. Artists are encouraged to submit a range of sizes.
iv) All artists must have completed an application form and signed a declaration (see 1.5 below) before submitting pieces.
1.5 Falkland Festival Society accepts no liability for loss or damage to any exhibits submitted. Exhibitors will be requested to sign a declaration to this effect. Any exhibitor not signing the declaration will not be permitted to submit any artwork.
2 Submission, exhibition and uplift of artwork
2.1 All pieces to be submitted in the lobby outside the Upper Town Hall between 6pm and 7pm on Sunday 13th June 2010  .
2.2 This time will be for submission of work only. Artwork should be prepared and application forms completed before submitting work.
2.3 There will be a private viewing of the exhibition to which exhibitors, members of Falkland Festival Society and their guests will be invited. Invitations will be handed out when paintings are submitted.
2.4 The exhibition will be open to the public, as advertised in the Festival Brochure from 12 noon to 4pm on each of the following dates:

Saturday 20 June 2009 Sunday 21 Jun
Saturday 27 June 2009 Sunday 28 June

If you would be willing to help to man the exhibition, please let a member of the Festival Society know
2.5 All unsold paintings must be uplifted from the Town Hall on Sunday 28 June 2009 between 4pm and 5pm or alternative arrangements must be made. Falkland Festival Society accept no responsibility for artwork not uplifted which will be left in the Town Hall.


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