What is going on gardening community of Falkirk, this is Simon Hardwick and welcome to our June gardening update, covering the latest posts, news and events in the gardening and outdoor community as we get them! In this months episode we have some interesting weatherproof garden furniture, a garden dictated by a mad plant scientist, and the general news from around the globe!

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New Weatherproof Garden Furniture, Live Event & More

As we all know Gardencentreshopping are well known for their garden furniture, but did you know they actually specialise in weatherproof furniture over any other variety? A spokesperson from Sapcote Garden Centre has outlined why below:

We feel that as a population, we’re always trying to save time, and spend less money. With this in mind, moving to weatherproof furniture makes perfect sense, as it requires no time to maintain, and lasts longer therefore requires less cash investment.

Do you own any weather-resistance garden furniture? How do you like it? Have you tried the brand called Winawood™? Or perhaps a UV stabilised set of rattan? Let us know in the comments!

Sapcote Garden Centre
Hinckley Rd, Sapcote, Leicester LE9 4LG
01455 274049

Plant Scientist in Germany – Exact Gardening

For almost 100 years, keen gardeners have worked on Hermannshof’s design

In Germany, there is a garden called Hermannshof, that has been planting and growing on site for almost 100 years, and they believe they’ve got gardening down to an exact science! They specialise in Tulips, and have a lovely variety including orange, and pink shades of the famous flower.

Gardening Roundup January – May

We’ve been a bit lax this year on gardening roundups, so instead of populate this with old news, you can checkout the following links to get up to date with some of the latest in the gardening world: